Classical Music Management     
Management & Advice

Pioneers in Culture has a longterm experience in management for the performing arts. This experience ranges from managing production teams in Dutch broadcasting (including the Mahler Festival 1995), general management of The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra for nine years, to interim management assignments with the Rotterdam Philharmonic, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir, The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and The Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic. More recently we took over the management in the BeNELux of teh Belgium Chamber Orchestra (CASC), The Symphony Orchestra of Wuppertal, the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, Spaerk - The Classical Band and trhe Rastrelli Cello Quartet. Also we represent several Dutch conductors like Benjamin Haemhouts, Jules van Hessen, Hans Leenders and Otis Klöber. Apart from that Pioneers in Culture produces musical projects and orchestra series at different venues.


Pioneers in Culture  has years of experience as consultant in the performing arts: presidencies for the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts and advisor for Bank of Dutch Municipalities and advises governments, institutions, companies and individuals in the performing arts. This includes both substantive programmatic and strategic business advice. Counseling is professional, precise and strictly confidential.