About the ensemble

Alla Vienna stands for quality entertainment in the traditional segment, which in the Netherlands would be described as a performance by Andre Rieu, because the core repertoire of Alla Vienna revolves around the famous Viennese Strauss repertoire.

In short: All Vienna brings a high entertainment value on a professional level and linked to a rich programmatic fantasy that is also open to suggestions from clients. Because the arrangements are written by the group itself.

Alla Vienna surprised and entertained, is both entertaining and inspiring and plays on a level that every professional test of criticism can resist.

Jan Niedzwiecki

Jan Niedzwiecki, the leader of the Group wrote:

Our most important feature are the concerts – on different themes, classical or innovative, always keeping the highest standards and suiting the event.

Due to our diverted and abounding repertoire, we are able to create or adjust our concert program to your expectations or to the overall character of the event.

We accompany exhibitions, vernissages, symposiums, conferences and social events. At your request we are ready to prepare a musical setting (fanfares, intros) to any event (prize giveaway, jubilee, new products’ presentation, ISO-granting etc).

We also perform Christmas songs and carols. At request our line-up can be extended to 9 musicians or reduced to 3.

The line-up of the Ensemble forms also a classical quartet (violin I, violin II, viola, contrabass) and a jazz quartet (flute, violin, contrabass, percussion).

The seven instrumentalists, all of which have broad spectrum of musical work – attained through working in the Lodz and Swietokrzyska Philharmonic – carry out abounding musical projects, performing the music of different periods, styles and genres in a unique and inventive way. Alla Vienna is a leading Concertmaster of the Lodz Philharmonic, Marta Niedzwiecka.

They met in Lodz for the first time, in the city, with which all of the musicians are somehow connected – by the origins, education or work. Here the first rehearsals and concerts of the Ensemble took place.

The ensemble used to evolve as a salon orchestra and therefore initially built its Strauss-repertoire. After few months of performing we decided to broaden our program with diverted, colourful projects, including many different epochs, styles and genres. The uniqueness of the performances is being granted by the arrangements, which are made only for the purpose of the Alla Vienna Ensemble.

Marta Niedzwiecka


Pioneers in Culture

For more information about Alla Vienna, please contact Pieter Pryck of Pioneers in Culture.


Telephone: +31 53 478 0549

Mobile: +31 653 937 799

Pieter Pryck